South Campus Housing

South Campus is located about a mile from Main Campus and is accessible by Centro bus. Bus schedules can be found at . The neighborhoods located in South Campus include Chinook, Farm Acre, Lambreth, Slocum Heights, Small, University Village (UV), Winding Ridge, and the Skyhall dorms. Students have the option of living in single, two person, three person and four person apartments as well as singles and open doubles dorm rooms.



Farm Acre



Slocum Heights


University Village

Winding Ridge


Laundry Services

There are only laundry services in Skyhall, Slocum Heights and University Village. This means that student in all of the other neighborhoods are required to use the laundry services in Goldstein Student Center. For most students this means packing their laundry in a suit case and carrying it on one of the South Campus buses. Goldstein Student Center has 35 washers and 44 dryers that take both quarters and PLUS Cards. There is also a change machine. Laundry supplies can be bought in South Campus Express, which is located upstairs from the Laundry room.

Mail Services

Syracuse University Mail Service provides mail for Skyhall dorms, but does not provide mail for South Campus apartments or UV. Students who live in UV have their own mail boxes located in the community center. Student living in the other neighborhoods receives mailbox keys when they move and these mailboxes are located in outside shelters that contain all of the boxes for six or seven buildings. Each of these shelters also contains a rack of large package mailboxes. When packages are delivered that do not fit in a student’s mail box they are given a key to one of the large package boxes. USPS delivers directly to students mailboxes, but if packages are too big to fit in the large package box they are taken to the nearest USPS center. A message will be left in the student’s mailbox with instruction and an address for the USPS center. For UPS and FedEx, the mail is delivered directly to the student’s apartment. If a student lives in a two bedroom apartment they share a mailbox with their roommate.


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