Skyhall I, II, and III

Skyhall II. Credit and Copyright Syracuse University.

Skyhall is a series of three dorms on South Campus that are located on Lambreth Lane and were built in 1960. The buildings are called Skyhall I, II, and III. The addresses of these buildings are 410, 420, and 430 Lambreth Lane respectively. With the current mix of open doubles and singles rooms the three Skyhall buildings hold 351 students. Because the Skyhall dorms are the only residents on South Campus that are not equipped with kitchens, Skyhall students can use their meal plan in Goldstein Student Center. Other meal plan users at SU cannot use their meal plan this way.


There are two bus routes that go through Skyhall. These routes are 144 Winding Ridge and 443 Connective Corridor. The schedules for these routes can be found on Centro’s page. There is one bus stop that services Skyhall and is named after the dorm.

Room Sizes

Three room sizes can be found in Skyhall. All rooms come fully furnished. Electrical, cable, phone, and network outlets are also included. The large singles and the open doubles are the same size, 14ft by 12ft. The large single comes with a desk, chair, double size bed, two closets, and a dresser. The double comes with two desk, two chairs, two long twin beds, two closets and two dressers. The small single in Skyhall is 16ft by 8ft and comes with a dresser, closet, desk, chair, and long twin bed.  There are two bathroom clusters located on each floor of Skyhall. These bathrooms are single shower sets that lock from the inside and provide more privacy then some of the eight shower bathrooms found in other dorms on campus.

Single person bedroom in Skyhall III. Credit and Copyright Mary Dickinson Jensen.

Community Space

Each floor of the three Skyhall buildings, with the exception of the first floor of Skyhall II, has a lounge in the center. These lounges contain a TV, sink, couches, tables, vending machines, and either a ping pong table or a pool table. Equipment for the ping pong and pool tables can be borrowed from the main desk in Skyhall II.

Laundry Services

The Skyhall buildings have laundry rooms on each floor. These laundry rooms contain four dryers and two washers. These machines take quarters, but there are also PLUS card readers in each room.

Mail Services

All mail coming from USPS to Skyhall first goes through the Syracuse University Mail Service. After being sorted, the mail is then delivered to Skyhall II. All of the mail boxes for Skyhall are on the first floor of Skyhall II, because this is where the main desk for all of the buildings is located. All UPS and FedEx packages are delivered directly to Skyhall II.


Some part of Skyhall have been made handicap accessible, including wheelchair accessible bathrooms on each floor, an accessible bus stop, and  rooms that are outfitted to be handicap accessible. The major detriment to Skyhall’s accessibility is the lack of elevators that makes it impossible for a handicap person to live on the second and third floors of these buildings. Another concern for wheelchairs is the state of the pavement around Skyhall, which has many potholes and chunks of the sidewalk are missing. Finally there is lack of accessibility to Goldstein Student Center means there is not a handicap accessible food source for Skyhall students.


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