Farm Acre

Farm Acre is a series of apartment buildings on South Campus that are located on Farm Acre Road. There are 7 apartment buildings in Farm Acre making it the smallest neighborhood in South Campus. Each building has six apartments with a total of 58 apartments in the neighborhood. These buildings include two person two floor apartments.


There are no bus routes that go directly through Farm Acre. Students take the 344 South Campus route and the majority will either get off at the Small and Chinook East or the Small and Lambreth bus stop. The schedules for these routes can be found on Centro’s page.

Room Sizes

All apartments in Farm Acre come fully furnished. Electrical, cable, phone, and network outlets are also included. Each floor of the two bedroom apartments are 9ft by 12ft. The first floors of these apartments contain a living room, kitchen, and storage closet. The second floor contains both bedrooms and a bathroom with a bathtub. In each of these apartments one of the bedrooms are 10ft by 12ft and the other is 8ft by 12ft.


The majority of Farm Acre is not accessible. All of the apartments have ramps to get to the apartment, but not to get into the front door. These apartments are also all two stories and require stairs to access the second floor. The mail shelters and bus stops can be considered accessible; however the gravel many of them sit on may be difficult for wheelchair access.


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