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Tennity Ice Pavilion

Tennity Ice Pavilion. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.

Tennity Ice Pavilion is a recreational skating facility that is open to all students, faculty, and staff and is located on South Campus. Tennity holds two ice surfaces; one regulation size rink and one smaller circular ice sheet. When the rink is open, one of the two ice surfaces will always be available for open skate. Tennity also has a “pro shop,” skate rentals, and skate sharpening is available.

Hours of operation:
Tennity Ice Pavilion’s hours can be found on its home page at

Learn to Skate Programs

Tennity ice pavilion offers several learn to skate programs such as Kool Kats, PED classes, private lessons, and hockey schools. Kool Kats have kids in groups no larger than six to a group. Kool Kats is open to the public, ages 3-11, with little or no skating experience Each lesson has 30 minutes of instruction, followed by 15 minutes of fun. Other classes including several levels of  three to five year olds lessons, kids beginner classes for six and older, adult beginner classes, freestyle classes and hokey skills. Classes at Tennity Ice Pavilion use the guidelines of the Ice Skating Institute for lessons and testing.  More information on these programs can be found at . Classes for SU students are also organized each semester by the Department of Recreation Service as part of their program.

Skate Until Midnight

Skate until midnight is every Friday and Saturday from 9-12 pm. Skate untill midnight offers an inexpensive date for Syracuse students. The lighting is changed within the rink to a dimmer lighting with fun music. Often at skate until midnight you will see many young couples. Remember it is a cold rink so dress warm.


Syracuse Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey Team

The Syracuse University Women’s Ice Hockey Team was founded in 2008.  When the team was founded the head coach was Paul Flanagan, with assistant coaches Erin O’brien and Graham Thomas. As of 2013 Paul Flanagan was still the head coach with Brendon Knight and Alison Domenico as assistant coaches. The Original Orange, as the ladies are often called, is the only varsity ice hockey team on campus. Currently there is no men’s varsity team. In the first season the orange performed better than expected, but still did not break 500. A link to the Oranges schedule and team website is found at

Men’s and Women’s Club Ice Hockey Teams

The Syracuse University’s Men’s Club Hockey Team is our only men’s ice hockey team at SU. They compete in the Eastern Collegiate Hockey League and the American Collegiate Hockey Association.

The Syracuse University’s Women’s Club Hockey Team is associated with USA hockey and also performs games both home and away within the Northeast. The SU hockey web page can be found at

Figure Skating Club

The synchronized skating club competes in the collegiate division. There are around 20 girls on the team. Tryouts for the team are held in the fall of each academic year. In the 2005-2006 seasons the Figure skating club received a silver medal in the Eastern sectional championship. That was the most current time they the figure skating club has placed high enough to receive a medal. The synchronized skating club was started in 1997 for girls to skate into their college careers.

Intramural Hockey

A non-check intramural hockey league is hosted at Tennity Ice Pavilion. The registration fee is $100, and full equipment is required. Further information on the league can be found at



The donors of this beautiful Ice Pavilion are Bill and Marilyn Tennity. Marilyn Smith Swift Tennity is a graduate of the Syracuse University class of 1942 and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Philanthropists Marilyn and Bill Tennity generously donated this ice skating pavilion for the enjoyment of the Syracuse University community. This gift honors the families of George D. and Bessie Smith and Dr. Albert G. and Viola Swift.


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The Inn Complete

The Inn Complete is a graduate student run bar and restaurant located in South Campus and caters mostly to upperclassmen, graduate students, staff and faculty.

Upper Level Inn Complete, photo credit Gabrielle Beaudry, Creative Commons licensed.

Contact Information


Skytop Road

South Campus

Syracuse, NY 13210

Business Hours:

Hours can be found at and are subject to change (Note: In the evening you must be 21 and older).


The Inn Complete started in 1987 in sky barn before it was moved to its current location. The Inn was previously known as Ski Lodge, because this building was the former location for the Syracuse University owned .The former ski lodge is made out of red wood resembling a barn. The majority of patrons used to be graduate students, staff, and faculty, however because South Campus no longer houses graduate students this has begun to change. The establishment offers a variety of pub foods that are able to be paid for by cash, or on your SUper Card money. Wireless access is also available at the Inn.


The Inn offers a variety of pub foods including quesadillas, grill burgers, salads, wraps, fajitas, and vegetarian options. All food is priced reasonably. The Inn also offers both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. The Inn offers some of the cheapest prices for alcohol on the Hill. For a complete look at the menu got to The Inn Complete website or click here: .


The bar’s opts to create a relaxed and fun environment for students and faculty to unwind. The bar has a variety of games and entertainment including flat screen TVs, pool, foosball, Wii, ping pong tables, darts, among many others. The bar gets especially crowded on  Trivia Night which different groups compete against each other, to see who knows the most facts about different categories.

Cover Charge

The Inn Complete usually does charge for entrance but since the bar is owned and operated by the university, they are really strict about the 21 and older policy and have never gotten in trouble for serving minors.


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Goldstein Student Center

This is Goldstein Student Center, photo credit Gabrielle Beaudry, Creative Commons licensed.

Goldstein Student Center is the central location on south campus. It is a 3700 square foot building. Goldstein provides students and faculty with many vital services, which includes South Campus Express grocery store, Fitness Center, Laundry Services, Dining Center, conference rooms, an ATM, and a quiet study lounge. Office of Residence Life as well as the Department of Public Safety have offices in this center.  Although the Goldstein Student Center is primarily used by students, it is also open to the public. Visitors are welcome at the student center to eat, shop, or just check out student life on campus. Hours for Goldstein Student Center can be found at

South Campus Express

South Campus Express is a grocery store that takes SUper Food money, cash, debit, and credit. The food available in this grocery store include frozen dinners, frozen desserts, snack foods, fresh produce and seasonal local produce, dairy products, and convince food. Non-food products include shampoo, conditioner, and other health products, over the counter medicine, school supplies, cleaning supplies, laundry products, and cleaning products. The hours of South Campus Express can be found at .

Fitness Center

Only open to Syracuse University students and faculty, the Goldstein Fitness Center has cardio and weight lifting machines. The fitness center has treadmills, stair masters, elliptical, stationary bikes, and a rowing machine. While the equipment in the Fitness Center is not as new as other campus locations, there are a several weight lifting machines and the added convenience of being adjacent to the Laundry Services.

Laundry Services

The Laundry Service in Goldstein accepts both SUper Card Food Plus and quarters. Prices are $1.50 for washing machines and $1.25 for dryers. Laundry Service hours are the same as the hours for Goldstein Student Center, however the last load of laundry must be in two hours before close of facility. You must bring your own laundry basket and detergent is available for sale in South Campus Express. The Laundry room includes 35 washers, 44 dryers, and two change machines. The availability of open washers and dryers can be seen online at

Dining Center

This dining facility is located on South Campus in the downstairs part of the Goldstein Student Center. This clean and comfortable dining center offers Freshens Smoothie Company, Jump Asian Express Cuisine, Burger King, Sal’s Bird Land, a hot food line, a deli, and a salad soup bar. This facility accepts cash, SUper Food, and Skyhall residents can use their meal plans.


Freshens is a smoothie and ice cream vender that uses yogurt in the vast majority of their products. Some of the available smoothies include Berry Breeze, Caribbean Craze, Citrus Mango and Orange Sunrise. All smoothies come with the option of adding protein supplements. Freshens also sells vanilla and chocolate ice cream made with yogurt instead of milk.  Freshens does make all peanut butter shakes in separate blenders; however Goldstein is unable to subtract or substitute any ingredients because of allergies.

Jump Asian Express:

Jump Asian Express has a stir fry line where you have your choice of sauce, vegetables, chicken, pork, or beef. There is also the option of white rice, brown rice, or noodles. ‘Jump’ also has two daily specials and ready to order egg rolls.

Sal’s Bird Land

Sal’s offers breaded chicken wings, potato wedges, steak, and chicken . To order from Sal’s you put your order in on a computer located between the salad bar and Sbarro. When the order is finished the kitchen staff bring it to the cashier, who will bring it to you in the main dining room. Sal’s Bird Land is open during the dinner serving time.


Sbarro is an Italian fast food chain with pizza, pasta, vegetables, strombolis, bread sticks, and meatball sandwiches. Pizza type includes cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, spinach and mushroom, supreme, Hawaiian, spinach and broccoli and many more.  The strombolis include peperoni and cheese and spinach and cheese. Goldstein serves the pastas on a rotation, which includes lasagna, baked ziti, and spaghetti.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts offers an abbreviated menu from the original fast food chain. Drink items include hot coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, hot tea, iced coffee, ice tea, ice latte, coolattas and decaf. Bakery items include a selection of donuts, munchkins, brownies, croissant, hash browns, muffins, and danishes. There are also breakfast sandwiches including bacon/ ham/ turkey with egg and cheese, Angus stake, and big n’ toasted.

Burger King

Burger King also has a limited menu. Available in Goldstein are chicken, fish, and beef burgers, wraps, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, French fries, onion rings, and combo meals. Burger King is opens at the lunch serving time every day. For combo meals, the fries and burger are ordered at the counter and fountain drinks from the counter in the front of the cafeteria.

Goldstein Student Center’s official website:

Important Goldstein Student Center Phone Numbers:

443-1514 Goldstein Dining

443-1990 Goldstein Information Center

443-2224 Public Safety

443-3893 Residence Life

443-2567 South Campus Housing


“Goldstein Student Center”. Student Centers and Program Service. December, 9 2009