Sakana-Ya is a Japanese sushi restaurant located downtown on Walton Street. It is a kaiten-zushi restaurant, or a place where conveyer-belt sushi is served. Patrons take a seat at the bar and sushi, gyoza, seaweed salads, and other sushi-bar food is served in colored plates. The plates slowly trek by on a conveyer belt that surrounds the edge of the bar-top. Pricing is based on the color of the dish, and a list of prices is available every few seats. Sakana-Ya is most packed on Mondays, as all sushi is half-price.

Photo credit Gen Red Thomas

All sushi bar foods and entrees, including noodles are served upon request. If you do not see the kind of sushi or roll on the conveyer belt, servers come around to ask for requests. The conveyer vet service is great for people who are in a rush, and is a cool way to try something new if it looks good to you. Sake, beer, and wine are also available.

The design for the restaurant is very upscale, well-lit, and vibrant. The actual dining area feels small, as it is not very wide, but can seat around twenty-five people at one time. There are white and blue lights all around, but the lighting is soft as they are not direct sources. In conclusion, the place is very well lit and vibrant. There is most always a wait on Mondays, but other days of the week are not as bad. People dress in both fancier and casual clothes and there is no dress code enforced.

Hours and Contact Information
215 Walton St.
(315) 475 0117

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