Asahi Sushi

Asahi Sushi is located on Westcott Street in Syracuse. This sushi restaurant specializes in kaiten-zushi, or conveyer belt sushi. Patrons take a seat at the bar and sushi, gyoza, seaweed salads, as well as other sushi-bar food is served in colored plates that slowly trek by on a conveyer belt that surrounds the edge of the bar-top. Pricing is based on the color of the dish, and a list of prices is available every few seats. The conveyer belt currently runs only for dinner, and Mondays are half-price days, and usually busiest. They also deliver, and there are free menu items you can get for different denominations of money spent.

The street outside Sakana-Ya
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Asahi Sushi offers all the regular Japanese fare, including hibachi choices and noodles, along with amazing rolls, some, like the Spicy Sandwich Roll, as not seen at any of the other Asian restaurants in the area! The most popular rolls are the Spicy Tuna Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, and Godzilla Roll. There is a full complement of appetizer, salads, and a large selection of vegetable rolls for vegetarians. Vegetarians are also in luck here because Asahi serves up a hard-to-find dinner box: Tofu Teriyaki. The dessert section is especially impressive with traditional dishes such as mocha and red beans with tapioca, which you can get either hot or cold. There are also fried bananas, fresh fruit with tapioca and coconut milk, and tempura ice cream.

This new restaurant has a fresh feel about it in the layout of artwork, the bar, and tables. The sushi bar itself is the business’s crowning glory and is placed in the center of the large dining room. There are stools on one side, and booths on the other. There are also stand-alone tables and half-price Mondays are not just for the sushi bar.

Hours and Contact Information
508 Westcott Street Syracuse, NY
(315) 741 3564

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