Hakuna Matata Tanning Salon

Hakuna Matata is strictly a tanning salon located in Geddes Plaza, 527 Charles Avenue in Syracuse, right off West Genesee Street. It is extremely client-friendly based. The salon offers complimentary coffee, a kids area and a vanity space to fix your hair and make up after you’ve tanned. They strongly stress the therapeutic values of tanning as well. Their appliances are state of the art and the environment of their salon is vibrant with great service.

Hakuna Matata also has the largest selection of lotions in Central New York. This aspect, along with the friendly, bright service and the emphasis on healthy tanning, Hakuna Matata is good for both the first timer and pro. Lotions and friendly service will help make you feel safer and more confortable when tanning and if you already know the ropes they have new and exciting things. Another great quality is that they are open every day of the week. Monday through Friday their hours are 9am to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday its 9am to 6pm. Their waiting room is very warm and welcoming and they have 22  laying beds and 2 stand up beds.

Hakuna Matata is big on privacy and cleanliness of their beds. Their staff has attended “Smart Tan” where they were trained and certified. Hakuna Matata is owned by Joe and Kris Contini who both just earned their Master’s Certificates in Smart Tanning, meaning they had to complete certifications in sales, first impressions, skin care and spray-ons, as well as basic technical certification. Even though Hakuna Matata is somewhat new they have won a number of awards, including top 250 salons in the country by “Looking Fit” magazine and “Tanning Trend” magazine did a feature on them for being innovative, bright, and top of the line, using Erogoline tanning beds and booths.

“Wildberry 600″ is Hakuna Matata’s Ultimate tanning bed.  This bed features 46 turbo powered 160-watt body lamps, neck and shoulder tanners, 3 ultra high-pressure adjustable facial lamps, air conditioning, aqua mist (which neutralizes the “after-tan” odor), aromatherapy, and a full sound stereo system and voice guide. The maximum exposure for this bed is 12 minutes.  But if you’re looking for their most powerful, it’s the “Classic 650”.  It’s an extra wide bed with 170-watt high intensity lamps and 12 ultra high-pressure lamps that run down the length of the canopy.  Even though this seems unbearably hot you will stay comfortable due to the air conditioning and full stereo sound system.

Just a beginner? They do then have less intense beds, which are less costly as well. “Groovin’” is the Advantage 350 tanning bed that is a little roomier. The bed is made to completely surround you so you get a well-balanced tan. This bed is only $9 for a one-time use and a one-week is $20.

On Hakuna Matata’s website they have coupons you can print off and use, adding to their emphasis on customer value. It also shows their new deal on spray tanning and their new heated airbrush tanning. They also offer a small online store of gift cards and featured lotions. Hakuna Matata can be found on Facebook and Twitter or can be contacted by phone and email. Best part for students of Syracuse University or near by, this is only 10 minutes away from campus!

Website: https://www.hmtan.com


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