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What Wonderworks looks like before traveling through the Inversion Tunnel! Photo Credit: fPelin’s Eye, Flickr

Wonderworks at DestinyUSA is your all-in-one entertainment experience with more than 100 hands-on exhibits. When you enter Wonderworks, everything appears upside down, until you go through an “inversion tunnel” that properly aligns you to the flipped building so that you can experience the fun! Within Wonderworks, patrons of all different ages can experience a variety of fun and attractions including Canyon Climb Adventure, Lazer Tag, a 4D theater and a variety of other attractions.

Canyon Climb Adventure:
Canyon Climb Adventure Ropes Challenge is the World’s Largest Suspended Indoor Ropes Course. With 3 levels of ropes and over 81 different obstacles while standing 70 feet tall, this attraction will make sure to get your adrenaline pumping! The adventure is appropriate for all ages and safety is guaranteed. Some of the awesome aspects of Canyon Climb Adventure include lilypads, a tremor bridge and swinging steps! Though the cost of Canyon Climb Adventure is not included in your Wonderworks pass, it is worth the small expense!

Children (4-12) & Seniors: $14.99
Adults: $14.99

Lazer Tag
The Lazer Tag in Wonderworks at DestinyUSA provides a thrilling and competitive experience for all patrons! This lazer tag experience takes place in a black-lit maze. Here patrons are put head to head with one another, where they have to outlast other players by avoiding getting shot. This experience is both fun and exhilarating.

To get involved in the Lazer Tag at Wonderworks, patrons must pay an additional fee when entering the Wonderworks attraction.

Other Attractions
Aside from the inversion tunnel when you first enter, Wonderworks offers a variety of other attractions that keeps patrons in awe. In the Hurrican Shack, patrons feel as though they are in a real storm with winds up to 85 miles per hour winds. Wonderworks also has a 4D Theater. This motion stimulated 12-seat XD theater will take you on the ride of your life. The theater features three movies on a rotating schedule. The Anti-Gravity Chamber makes water change directions as it moves from the floor to the ceiling, which patrons notice with the flash of a strobe light. Also in Wonderworks are computers and monitors that encompass 25 feet and display images of famous natural disasters. The Xtreme 360 Bikes allow patrons to perform tricks and flips that they would never imagine possible. In the Space Zone, patrons can travel outer space. Also available at Wonderworks is an illusion gallery, mind ball, a bubble lab, wonder coasters, wonder park, a bed of nails, virtual air hockey and a masterpiece floor piano!


Revolutions Entertainment

Bowling pins getting knocked down. Photo Credit: Tinou Bao

Revolutions Entertainment in DestinyUSA is the only place in Syracuse where you can eat, drink, rock and bowl. Revolutions Live offers patrons the best bowling experience with modern lanes, projection HDTV’s, black lights and bumper options. The lanes at Revolutions Entertainment can be used by casual bowlers, private bowlers, league bowlers and even late-night bowlers!

Aside from bowling, Revolutions Entertainment offers an array of other experiences in DestinyUSA. Revolutions Entertainment offers the best in gaming, with both interactive and competitive video and prize games. There is even a retail prize area with hot selection of items for winners! Besides gaming, Revolutions Entertainment also offers “The Stadium”. This is a place where sports fanatics can hang out to watch the latest sports games on a big screen. Also available at Revolutions Entertainment are billiard tables for those who want to play a few rounds of pool.

With all the action, you will get hungry. The Revolutions Entertainment at DestinyUSA has a Red Brick Grille that offers a variety of chef created American classics. Dishes include burgers, pastas, gourmet pizzas, BBQ, sandwiches and fresh salads.

For rates and more information regarding Revolutions Entertainment in DestinyUSA visit


Pole Positions Raceway

One racer speeding around the track. Photo Credit: zombieite

Indoor karting is the fastest growing sport in the United States an Pole Positions Raceway in DestinyUSA will show you why! The 1/4 mile course and European karts that can reach speeds up to 45 mph make the Pole Positions Raceway at Destiny USA an exhilarating experience. DestinyUSA has a variety of racing options that will meet your needs.

Racing Options
The Arrive & Drive racing format is the most popular. In Arrive & Drive patrons show up either on their own or in groups to race in 10 minute races. Arrive & Drive is available for both adults and children, as smaller karts are made available for people between 48” and 56” tall.

Pole Positions Raceway in DestinyUSA also offers group events, party packages and full facility rentals for the racers that want to spend their day on the course. These formats allow larger parties to reserve a time and date to you Pole Positions track. This allows patrons to avoid a wait and also spend quality time with the people they choose.

Also at Pole Positions Raceway there are special monthly events including Ironman Races, Team Endurance Races, Youth Racing Camps and even Driving Clinics. So, whether you want to race competitively or learn how to drive, Pole Positions Raceway at DestinyUSA will meet your needs.

For rates and more information regarding Pole Positions Raceway in DestinyUSA, call 315-423-7223 or visit .


5 Wits

A shipwreck like one explored in a 5 Wits adventure! Photo Credit: JustMeJulie

5 wits is a hands on adventure that will fully immerse the explorer into a different world where he/she will have to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover new things. Though the adventures are not physically demanding nor frightening, the experiences do force the explorer to put their 5 wits (imagination, estimation, fantasy, common sense and memory) to the test. DestinyUSA offers both of the 5 Wits adventures: Espionage and 20,000 Leagues.

Espionage is a journey where the fate of the world rests in the explorers’ hands. Explorers are put head to head with the CABAL Corporation by breaking into their headquarters and destroying leaked information that could threaten the freedom of mankind! In this journey, explorers must solve puzzles and overcome challenges by decoding safes, defusing bombs and overcoming physical obstacles. The experience will seem real with the special effects.

20,000 Leagues takes explorers under the sea and into Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, a lost Victorian submarine. While under the sea, explorers try to uncover the mystery about what happened to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus. To figure this out, explorers fix ancient submarine engines, attempt to complete Nemo’s last experiment and take on sea creature from down under!

Ages 13 and older: $18
Children under 12: $14$18 per person aged 13 and older.
To purchase tickets, explorers can call (506) 698-1600 or visit .