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Bleu Monkey Cafe


Address: 163 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: (315) 474-0099


The Bleu Monkey Café is a sushi restaurant located on Marshall Street in Syracuse, New York.

The restaurant offers various types of nigiri as well as sashimi sushi, noodle bowls with vegetarian and traditional options, and acquired a full liquor license in 2012.


Bento Box: For between 10.95-12.95, you can get your choice of meat (chicken, pork, beef or salmon) over rice, with a side of salad, miso soup and two spring rolls.

Lunch special: Choice between any Unagi or Salmon roll plus a side of miso soup or salad for $8.95

Faegan’s Pub



734 S. Crouse Avenue

Syracuse, NY, 13210

Phone Number:

(315) 472-4721


Faegan’s menu has a large variety of salads and vegetarian friendly options, like a portobello mushroom burgers. It also has traditional burgers, pasta, fish and a chili bowl. The dinner plate prices vary but most stay in the affordable $10 to $12 range. For more information please call the restaurant at (315) 472- 4721.

Cover Charge

After 9 pm, Faegan’ s charges from $3 to $5 for admission.


Tuesday: Beer Tour

9pm – $2

10pm- $2.25

11pm- $ 2.50

12pm- $2.75

Wednesday: Flip Night (9pm to 2am)

$3.50 all beers


$2 on domestic bottles, drafts and well drinks

$3 on imported beer and high quality alcohol

Friday: Happy Hour (5pm-7pm)

$1 off everything


$2 for bottles


$2 Magic Hat drafts

$3 Long Island Iced Teas


Mom’s Diner


Phone: (315) 477-0141

Address: 501 Westcott Street Syracuse, NY 13210


Sunday 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM Monday 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM Tuesday 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM Wednesday 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM Thursday 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM Friday 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM Saturday 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM


Mom’s Diner serves up diner style cuisine. It is a family owned business in which “Mom’s” children decided to share her recipes with the rest of the nation.

The restaurant offers a serving style unlike most diners; diners seat themselves and receive menus at the counter in order to order. Food is brought out once it is finished.

Mom’s Diner is known for their “special sauce,” a comibination of spices and sauces that is used in several of the egg dishes.


Bohemian Beans Café

Located near the Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse, Bohemian Bean has been making coffee lovers happy since 2005. Bohemian Bean’s mission is to support other local businesses in their effort by doing their part and purchasing their products locally. All of their coffee is locally roasted fair trade/organic from around the world.

Bohemian Bean is known for hosting creative events and having an over all fun atmosphere. Their walls are continuously being updated and decorated with talented artwork of local students and adults from around the area. The artsy decorations and their peculiar cups and teapots definitely give it its different community feel and bohemian vibe.

Their menu consists of a diversity of coffee, teas, chai, and fresh fruit smoothies. Their breakfast options include waffles and breakfast sandwiches on a range of breads. All of their pastries are homemade and you also have the option of ordering a fresh made-to-order grilled panini. Customers appreciate the free parking and its central location. They also enjoy that on sunny or warm occasions Bohemian Bean offers outside seating in the back!

Address: 2100 Park St, Syracuse, NY 13208

Phone: (315) 412-7074

2100 Park St
Regional Market Commons
Syracuse, NY 13208

Phoebe’s Restaurant and Coffee Lounge

Right Outside of Phoebe’s, Photo Credit: Jorden Meltz

For a gourmet cup of coffee make your way to Phoebe’s on East Genesee. This restaurant has a small lounge that provides a coffee experience like no other. Their comfy couches make it easy for customers to grab a book and spend the day with just that and a cup of coffee. The fancy seating arrangement, warm shades of burgundy, and lounge decorations give it a welcoming vintage look and feel. They also provide free wifi and have even set up tables for group work or discussions. Phoebe’s is a great place to do some quiet reading and relaxing all over a delicious cup of coffee.

Phoebe’s house blend of coffee seems to be a customer favorite while they offer your regular cappuccino, latte, mocha, and espresso. All of their coffee beans are freshly roasted from Creekside Books and Coffee in Skaneateles, NY. Their menu also includes homemade soups, breakfast sandwiches, and baked goods.

In addition to all of the made-to-order coffee and espresso drinks, the Coffee Lounge serves as a take-out window as well for whenever you’re on the go. Phoebe’s Restaurant and Coffee Lounge is located on East Genesee Street across from Syracuse Stage. It continues to be an establishment dear to the Syracuse city history and will continue to perpetuate its old world charm.

On Sundays Phoebe’s is closed for private parties.

Address: 900 East Genesee St, Syracuse NY 13210

Phone: (315) 475-5154

Prices: $$$


Tyme-Out Café


An Assortment of Gelato, Photo Credit: Ian Ransley

Tyme-Out Café is a gluten-free cafe located inside Natur-Tyme grocery market. It is especially known for being vegan friendly. They offer a variety of beverages including smoothies, fruit juices, organic tea, milkshakes, and coffee. Their food menu essentially consists of 3 daily soup options, chili, and a few flavors of gelato. Some of their soup options include zucchini curry or lentil spinach and they offer turkey chili as well as vegetable chili. For vegans, the gelato options are raspberry and blood orange.

If you are interested in their juices they offer beet, wheatgrass, and ginger shots and many of their smoothies have flax seed in it. Their coffee drinks options include your regular cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, and iced coffees as well as chai and iced tea beverages.

Although Tyme-Out Cafe does not provide the typical café experience because it is located in the grocery store, Tyme-Out’s all-encompassing beverage options seems to be making up for it. This café is fairly brand new and really prides itself in its uniqueness in offering gluten-free and vegan options.

Address: 3160 Erie Blvd. E, Syracuse NY 13214

Phone: (315) 488-6300

Prices: $$

Chuck’s Café

American Cuisine, Photo Credit: Reece Jackson

A campus favorite Chuck’s Café is a bar located on 727 S Crouse Ave behind Marshall Street. Chuck’s Café is one of the 4 major dive bars on the Syracuse University campus. If you’re looking for a funky bar with a lot of character, Chucks is definitely a staple for the nightlife on the SU hill. Feel free to bring a sharpie and tag your name on the wall to leave your mark when you visit!


Chuck’s menu offers traditional American food as well as a large variety of appetizers. Among the crowd favorites are spinach artichoke dip, humus with pita bread and chili cheese fries.

Their Monday Special includes $2 burgers and on Sunday wings are 25 cents.

Happy Hour is Monday – Friday 11 am to 8 pm.


As overwhelming as it may seem, Chuck’s is known for its loud ambiance. However the large locale, with graffiti covered walls and tables accompanied with the music isn’t hard to get accustomed to. The rowdiness and student vibe makes it apparent as why Chuck’s is a favorite amongst the Syracuse student body. Though weeknights can often be slow the weekend crowd makes up for the it. Considering how inviting their happy hour is, students can be found at Chuck’s at almost any time of the day. Often times during the week, students go to Chucks to relax, eat and have a beer before continuing on with their daily schedule.

Apart from food and drinks, Chuck’s often plays 80’s and 90’s classic rock hits as well as popular modern popular song. The bar is equipped with several big screen TVs playing the most current sports events, Chuck’s also has two pool tables, dart board machines, and basketball shooting machines, therefore there is no excuse for costumers to ever get bored.

Chuck’s gets very busy Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, and game days so if you are looking to find a place to sit arriving early is recommended.

Chuck’s has a very strict 21 and over policy and always checks IDs. After 6 pm identification is required a the door. During the day underage patrons can order food but the bartenders will check IDs whenever an alcoholic beverage is ordered.

Cover Charge

Chuck’s starts charging $2 cover at 9:00 pm, and after 12:00 am it increases to $5. On Wednesdays nights there is no cover charge.


Happy Hour:

Monday- Friday: (11am to 8pm)

$3.50 Pitchers of Miller Light, Honey Brown, Yuegling, Keystone Light and Miller 64

Monday: (11am to 8pm)

$2 burgers

Thursday: After 8pm, $1.50 Bud Light Bottles

Friday: All day

$3.50 Pitchers of Miller Light, Honey Brown, Yuegling, Keystone Light and Miller 64

Contact Information

727 S. Crouse Ave Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone Number:
(315) 477-144

Business Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11:00am to last call (2:00 am)


Taj Indian Palace

Taj Indian Palace is a family run Indian restaurant located on Erie Blvd. East. They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. They also cater.


TajIndianPalace specializes in North Indian style cuisine. Their menu contains a wide variety of appetizers, breads, seafood dishes, chicken curries, tandoori specials, lamb & goat curries, biryani, and desserts. Their prices start as low as $2.95 for vegetarian appetizers up to $7.95 for chicken tikka appetizer. Their prices are affordable and the portions are very large.Vegetable platters are all $8.95. Seafood dishes are all $12.95. Lamb/goat curries are $10.95. The chicken curries are all $9.95. They now serve beer and wine to accompany your meal.

They offer an optional lunch buffet seven days a week from 11am until 3pm for around $10.00.

For a full menu please see


The atmosphere in TajIndianPalace is simple and humble. The building was a former Quiznos before the now owners bought and converted it into their own business. They have added a little flair of their own with sheer draperies and hanging lighting. If you’re looking for that certain ambiance while you dine, go at night for the full effect! But if you don’t mind a simple surrounding then give this place a try anytime.

Hours and Contact Information

3138 Erie Blvd
Dewitt, NY13214

They are open from 11am until 10pm Monday – Sunday

Their lunch buffet begins at 11am and runs until 3pm seven days a week.

Phone: 315-446-2229
Fax: 315-446-2275


Sparky Town Restaurant

Sparky Town Restaurant is a self proclaimed, “Funky place to meet and eat.” They specialize in fresh healthy comfort food with options suitable for all your friends: vegan, vegetarian, and meat lovers alike! Sparky Town is located on the corner of Catherine Street and Burnet Avenue in the historic Hawley Green District. They feature a calendar of events promoting community engagement with things like ArtExpo displays, weekly live music events, songwriter’s workshops, and much more! It really is “A place where everyone fits in!”

Calendar events can be found at


Fresh healthy comfort food is on the menu at Sparky Town Restaurant. Soups range from $2.75 to $8.00 and can come vegan or not. There are nine different salads ranging from $3.50 for a house salad to $8.50 or $8.75 for the Anti-Oxidant Salad, The Mexicali Blue Salad, The Trail Mix Salad, and others. For those who like variety in their meals, Sparky Town has combination plates allowing customers to choose from a quiche or soup along with a salad for $7.75 to $8.75, black beans and rice for $8.75, and Anti-Oxidant pasta, Burger Deluxe, or the Mediterranean platter for $9.50.

 Sparky Town also serves fresh coffee and barista specials. They serve Coffee Mania coffee and have their own trademarked “Sparky’s Blend” coffee beans in ½ and 1 pound bags available for purchase. Beer and wine options are also on the menu.

 For a more extensive menu, visit


Sparky Town offers their guests a creative ambiance. It’s an intimate, friendly, hippie-chic kind of place. There’s a bar on one side of the restaurant and less than a dozen tables on the other. The walls are decorated with local artwork, priced to sell. They utilize high and low tables creating intimate dining situations in a relatively small area. It’s a fun place to hang out and “go local!”

Hours and Contact Information

Sparky Town is located at 324 Burnet Avenue.

There hours are:

Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm

Fri 11am-9pm

Sat 10am-9pm

 They can be reached on the phone at (315) 422-8401 or the fax at (315) 422-8403


Photo cred: Stefanee Brody
Sign found outside of AppeThaizing.



Is a delicious Thai restaurant located on South Crouse Avenue, located across from CVS and down the block from Marshall Street. AppeThaizing offers a catering service that has become increasingly  popular. Their food is also available to order through, if you can’t make it to the restaurant. The entrees and appetizers are decently priced as well.


AppeThaizing, has a  wide range of delicious entrees such as noodles, sautéed dishes with chicken, beef, vegetables, and shrimp, as well as curry dishes.

For appetizers, they offer shrimp, chicken satay, priced around $6.29, appeThaizing Rolls, priced around $5.99, appeThaizing Veggie Rolls, priced around $5.79, and tofu.

Their soup features Tom Yum, priced around $3.99-$4.79, a famous Thai lemongrass soup.

Along with their most popular entrée, Pad Thai, priced around $10.99-$12.99, there are also other noodle entrees to choose from like Pad Kee Mow, priced around $10.99-$12.99. This is a spicy dish, made from flat rice noodle, and is sautéed with egg, chili, broccoli, Asian greens, tomatoes, and basil. All of the soups and noodles come along with your choice of shrimp, chicken, tofu, and beef (beef comes with the noodle entrees only).

They also offer fish and salads. For drinks they serve a wide array of wines and beers along with other typical beverages.


The service is quick and friendly, and it is a popular spot for both lunch and dinner. It is located right on campus, and the staff is always friendly. The dining resembles  a cafeteria setting, except it is very well kept, and more casual than fancy.

Hours and Contact Information

AppeThaizing is open Mondays through Fridays from 11:00AM-9:00PM. Lunch hours are from 11:00AM -4:00PM, and dinner hours are from 4:00PM-9:00pm. On Saturdays, the restaurant is closed for lunch, but is open for dinner from 4:00PM-9:00PM. AppeThaizing is closed on Sundays. It’s located at Campus Plaza, 727 S. Crouse Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210.