Eastern Supermarket

Eastern Supermarket is a pan-Asian grocery store located on Erie Boulevard East. It is located in a nondescript building, so people must really watch closely when they drive over, but it is worth the hassle. Inside are so many different foods stocked on shelves, in fridge cases, freezers in the center of the store, and even lots of fresh produce and fish set out on ice. There is also a rack of clothing and some household and lifestyle items are available here that are not in regular American grocery stores.

Photo credit Gen Red Thomas

Atmosphere and Layout
The front left of the store is filled with large bags of food, such things as rice and flour are available there. The first few shelves contain crackers, sodas and drinks, dried foods, jerkies, and junk food. Then the fridge cases have all kinda of noodles, fish, meats, pickled vegetables, and other cold products. The vegetables, including difficult to find Chinese types, and other fresh produce are near the back and kept near the coolers in the middle of the back room. The coolers have a large selection of meat buns and gyoza. The staff is friendly and will help you find what you are looking for with ease. The fish lend a unique feel to this particular market, and make selecting which piece you want easier because all of it can be seen.

Contact Information
2406 Erie Boulevard East Syracuse, NY 13224

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