Han’s Oriental Grocery

Han’s Oriental Grocery is a small, pan-Asian grocery store located on Erie Boulevard East. They specialize in Korean, Japanese, and Thai foods, while having a large selection of fridge foods, instant noodles, and some fresh foods and vegetables. There is a plethora of seasonings and sauces on the shelves, as well as junk food including but not limited to crackers, cookies, Pocky, Hello Panda snacks, and bread products. Interestingly enough, many of the foods available at Han’s are used in preparation of meals at the neighboring restaurant, Secret Garden. Han’s also carries imported toiletries, cleaning items, and other consumer goods for the house.

Outside Han’s Oriental Grocery
Photo credit Gen Red Thomas

Atmosphere and Layout
Mochi, bread snacks, homemade tteok, and small cakes can be found in the area where you enter the store, on an island in the middle. There are ban chan, or appetizers, in to-go boxes located in the refrigerator case next to the front door, too. The left aisle is filled with sauces, jarred goods, and seasonings. The middle has crackers, dried goods, and junk food. The refrigerator cases also have homemade kimchi and tofu. The right aisle and back of the store has all kinds of instant noodles, even include such things as moroheiya (a healthy alternative to ramen-style noodles) and pho ga (a Vietnamese soup). In front of the cash register there is a freezer case that holds mochi ice cream, ice creams including red bean and green tea, and lychee, and frozen desserts. The other freezer cases line the outsides.

Contact Information
2731 Erie Boulevard East Syracuse, NY13224
(315) 446 7801

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