Lyons Hall

Lyons Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University main campus. It is located at 401 Euclid Ave [1]. Built in 1971, Lyons Hall is named after Oren Lyons, a prominent member of the Onondaga Nation. Lyons Hall once served as the International Living Center, but is now available to all students. The Facebook page Lyons and Shaw Hall share can be found at . There are no bus lines that access this resident hall.

Lyons Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Lyons Hall is located about two blocks away from Shaw Hall. It is closer to off-campus housing and is one of the farther dormitories in regards to proximity to the quad. It is about 20 minutes away from the quad. It is also one of the smaller dormitories.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Lyons Hall has 38 residents on three floors. It is coed by alternating rooms. The basement and first floor has lounges, a meeting space, a partial kitchen, and a laundry facility. The first floor has a main desk and lobby area as well.

The second and third floors are identical in floor plan. There are four open triples, two doubles, two singles, one room for the RA and four bathrooms. Because there are only two floors, there is no elevator.

Dining Options

The closest dining hall to Lyons Hall is Shaw Dining Hall, which is about two blocks away. Shaw Hall is by far the most convenient dining option for residents because of how far away the dormitory is from the quad and other Syracuse University buildings. The Shaw Dining Center is one of the more spacious dining halls and offers a bigger variety of food than other dining halls, such as Sadler Dining. There is a Sbarro pizza section, which serves pizza and pasta. There is also a sandwich section, a salad bar, and a specialty section, which serves Chinese-style noodles once a week.


Oren Lyons Hall contains:

• Lounges

• Meeting Space

• Partial Kitchen

• Laundry Facility


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