Sadler Hall

Sadler Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University main campus. It is located at 1000 Irving Ave. and was built in 1960. [1]. The Facebook Page for Sadler can be found at . Sadler Hall is on both the Quad Shuttle and Connective Corridor bus routes, which can be found at

Sadler Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Sadler Hall is located behind and to the left of the Carrier Dome. It is next to Lawrinson Hall and is about 15 minutes away from the quad.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Sadler Hall has eight floors and houses 471 residents. The first floor contains of the main desk and mailboxes, a game room, a snack bar, staff offices/rooms, and rooms for residents. There is one room for the RA, two split doubles with a bathroom, seven split doubles, three singles, four open doubles, and two four-person suites. There is also a large lounge with a TV and couches. The lounge lead to the Sadler Dining Hall, which is on the ground floor. Floors two through eight consist of two rooms for RAs, four singles, two four-person suites, five open doubles, seven split doubles, 12 large split doubles, and two bathrooms. There is also a large lounge with a TV, couches and a microwave. The floors are coed by alternating rooms and there are three elevators.

Dining Options

On the ground floor of Sadler Hall is its dining area, which is used by mostly residents of Sadler Hall and Lawrinson Hall. The Dining Hall is buffet style. It has a salad bar, a small vegetarian station, a specialty station (Stir-Fry, Mexican, etc.) and two other stations of food – one of which is for pizza. The Dining Hall has a good amount of variation from day-to-day, but it known to be repetitive from week to week. There are also no kitchens in Sadler or Lawrinson so residents, for the most part, only eat dining hall food. There is a snack bar on the first floor of Sadler Hall, which offers smoothies from Freshens. The snack bar is only during night hours. [2].


Sadler Hall contains:

• Dining Hall

• Snack Bar

• Laundry Room

• Game Room

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