Style Guide

Required Page Elements

  • Descriptive Title
  • Broad introduction paragraph
  • Subsections w/ specific info
  • Appropriate images (see below for requirements)
  • References (MLA style + live links. Click here for )
  • Other Resources
  • Embedded Google Map

Image Requirements

Images should be clear and well-cropped. All images are hosted via the SyrGuide account on Flickr. Log-in info is available from your instructor.

All images must be under Creative Commons licenses, in the public domain, or owned by Syracuse University.

Each image should be captioned with a descriptive sentence, followed by image credit and license info.

Required Categories

  • Parent Category (Fun, Food, Wellness, Housing, Histories)
  • Geography/Location – Town Name or City Sector (ex: Dewitt, downtown, Tipp Hill ) and by area (Armory Square, Jackson Square, etc.)
  • Activity (snowshoeing, shopping, dining, etc.)
  • Proper Name (Green Lakes Park, Lemongrass, etc.)

Additional tags (not categories, tags) should be negotiated within your group. For example, the Restaurants authors may decide that all restaurants will include a Type tag (Thai, Italian, etc.)

Note: no capitalization or punctuation will be used in tags. Ex: syracuse university, chucks, womens sports

Matters of Style:


The main words in a title should always start with capital letters. Main section headings should bold.


Syracuse University Track & Field

Subheadings should be in italics.


The First SU Track & Field Coach

Link Style

All external links should be live.

Campus Names

The two primary Syracuse campuses are referred to as the Main Campus (not North Campus) and South Campus.

Citation Style

2009 MLA. See here for an online guide: 

Numbers and Symbols

Spell out numbers less than ten
three elements
seven days a week
12 angry men

$1.00, not 1 dollar or one dollar.

Street Names & Types

Since MLA does not address this issue, we’ll follow Associated Press style. Abbreviate St., Blvd., and Ave. only with numbered addresses.
10 Elm St., Albany,
16 Miller Road, Albany
He lives on Albany Street

Spell out and capitalize first through ninth when used as a street name. Use figures with two letters for 10th and above.

13 Fourth St.
4 13th St.

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