Innovations Salon and Day Spa

Innovations Salon and Day Spa is slightly farther away than some of the other salons on SyrGuide but it offers an extensive list of services from hair specializations, to teeth whitening, to acupuncture. It is a relaxation getaway, offering beauty services from head to toe. Their goal is to have you leave here feeling beautiful, pampered and serene.  It’s located at 3627 Route 31 Liverpool. The prices are slightly more expensive but it is extremely nice and luxurious for a day trip of beauty treatment.

Innovations offers specials and events such as their “sauna detox” and “iHealth Fitness Program”, which is a 6-week challenge. They also have a “body remodeler” and a video posted to go along with it. The “body remodeler” was highlighted on a news channel in Syracuse somewhat recently. This segment can be found next to the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube applications where you can find out even more about Innovations Salon. On their website they have a full list of their staff with detailed descriptions of their qualifications. Innovations also offers “elegance on site” where professionally trained beauticians come to wherever you would like including your office, doorstep, or event. The salon newly offers a discounted “teen price” for an individual look without breaking the bank.


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