Vacuum Forming

What is Vacuum Forming?

Vacuum forming is yet another straight forward, yet very effect way of fabrication. This process involves taking a 3D object or mold, heating and melting a film of plastic, and placing it over the object so that the plastic takes it’s shape and dries in that form. A usual form of application for this technology is the kind of plastic wrapping a toothbrush, or some headphones, might come in. It is also often used for the fabrication of car dashboards.

Slocum Hall

Vacuum Former

The vacuum former available to students at Slocum Hall can take square proportioned materials as big as 18” by 18”. It can also create a form over models as deep as 9”. However, the higher the shape of the model, the higher chance of a tear on the plastic being heated is.


Vacuum forming is an interesting kind of digital fabrication technique available to students at Syracuse University. Different from other resources, the vacuum former is actually free, so long as the student brings their own material to vacuum form with. Approved materials for this particular vacuum form is 1/4” thick plastic; styrene, PETG and ETFE film.

SU Warehouse

Vacuum Former

The Warehouse Vacuum former is the same technology as the Slocum Hall Vacuum Former and uses the same concept. Students can vacuum form materials up to 18” by 18”.


The cost of the vacuum forming is completely based on the kind of material used. Because the machines are the same, this vacuum former can support the same kinds of materials as Slocum Hall.

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