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University Union

, a student run organization, is the official programming board of Syracuse University.  The organization consists of three programming boards, four administrative boards, and two cabinet positions. The organization is responsible for planning large-scale concerts, speaking engagements, and weekly movie screenings on campus.


University Union was founded in 1962 as a student organization focused on bringing quality entertainment to the student body. At the time, the programming board focused on smaller scale events, but in its fifty years of existence, University Union has expanded its scope in order to reach a wider demographic of students. The organization consists of three programming boards: Performing Arts, responsible for the speaker and comedian engagements; Cinemas, responsible for the weekly film screenings and quad film screenings each year; and Concerts, which is responsible for planning six concerts a year.

With each school year, University Union’s Board of Directors (comprised entirely of students) works to provide diverse entertainment to fit the student body. With the incorporation of student surveys in the mid-2000s, the group focused on gaining more student insight as to what artists and speakers they wanted to see. As surveys go, the organizations sought to reach as many students as possible. In 2011, the organization was told to use Syracuse University’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment as its means of surveying. This was to be done in accordance with Student Association Bill 55. 243, which made University Union the official programming board of Syracuse University, as well as granted the organization seed funding.


University Union consists of three programming boards, two boards dedicated to external relations, and three, internal “cabinet” positions. Cinemas, Concerts, and Performing Arts are the three boards responsible for programming events for the student body and each of these boards receives funding from Student Association. Collaborations and Promotions are the two boards that have the most experience with other student and professional organizations. The internal positions include the President, Vice President and Director of Operations.

Getting Involved

To get involved with University Union, students simply need to join the University Union group on . Registration requires students to sign in with their school network ID and password, and simply verify their e-mall address. Once this is done, students only have to search for University Union and join the group. The password is juicejam.

For those who want to get more involved, the University Union office is open most days of the week. Members of the board of directors as well as executive boards can be found in office 126D in the Schine Student Center.



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