Fabrication Resources at the Slocum Hall Building (On-Campus)

Slocum Hall is the home of the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. The building houses all years of architects and holds all of the architecture classes offered at the University. It is also home to two computer labs, a plot room, a wood shop, laser cutters, cnc mill, 3D printers, and a vacuum former. While the wood shop and the plot room have students to run the services till late at night, other facilities are run by specific staff and are kept very up to date with technology. The machines are all located on the ground floor of Slocum Hall. Once you submit a file, it’s first come-first served. So if there is line, you would need to wait. This is one of the reasons it’s important to recognize the various options available to fabricate. All files are submitted digitally through the School of Architecture computers.

UPDATE (October 28, 2013): It is confirmed that non-architecture students will NOT be able to use the digital fabrication facilities at Slocum Hall. In an email from the computer consultants at the School of Architecture, the primary reason that non-architecture students cannot use the services is because they do not have login accounts for the labs at Slocum Hall, and therefore have no way of being charged for the use of the machines.

See location and street view below:

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