Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication is a way to take various forms of design modeled on 3D computer software, and constructing it physically using additive and subtractive methods through a variety of machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mills, etc. While these kinds of technology is often used by companies in the industry, the advancement of technology has made these machines more accessible to students, and almost anyone who is interested.

Syracuse University is home to some of the best design majors in the country. One of the ways it manages to stay ahead and maintain it’s reputation is by keeping up to date with technology and technological trends. While the foundation of design is often starting by creating designs, models, prototypes by hand, as students advance their knowledge in their fields, it is important to be able to provide the latest opportunities, and Syracuse University definitely does this. Digital fabrication is one way to explore new trends in the world and there are a variety of on campus opportunities for digital fabrication. Between Slocum Hall and the Warehouse downtown, students are able to use a variety of resources available right here on campus. Furthermore, companies like Falco Industries offer alternate, perhaps more professional resource options.

3D printing is just recently becoming more publicly aware. However, behind the scenes, the technology is advancing fast. From 3D printed dresses, cars, houses and even ears and arms, the possibilities are infinite. With this addition to SyrGuide, you will be able to “Discover Syracuse” in a different way, and recognize the facilities that are offered at Syracuse University and the city of Syracuse.

Locations for Digital Fabrication

Falco Industries
Slocum Hall
SU Warehouse

Different kinds of Digital Fabrication
3D Print
Laser Cutter
CNC Mill
Vacuum Forming

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