Phoebe’s Restaurant and Coffee Lounge

Phoebe’s front door. Photo cred Jorden Meltz.


Originally known as Phoebe’s Garden Cafe, the restaurant has been around for quite some time. In the past, local lore claims the location to once be a brothel, and Phoebe was its Madam. William Eberhardt opened the Cafe in December of 1976. The design was ornate, with deep colors as its theme and carved wood for accents. The cafe has had two makeovers; one in 1985, opening the space, and one in 2004, in which renovations and a coat of fresh paint brightened the cafe. With these changes, the name changed too, to Phoebe’s Restaurant and Coffee Lounge.

Location and Hours:

There is only one location, the original, found across from Syracuse Stage, on 900 East Genesee Street.

Specific hours for this cafe can be found

Phoebe’s in not open on Sundays, but Private Parties can reserve the space.


Phoebe’s menu changes seasonally, with a few staple favorite always available, such as their famous Phoebe’s Salad, or their Chai Tea Lattes. They offer coffee, tea, and other morning beverages.  There is a coffee lounge, full dining, or a take-out window to serve all of your dining needs. you can find a complete, and updated list of all that Phoebe’s offers.


900 East Genesse Street, Syracuse, NY 13210


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