Oneida Shores

Open year round, Oneida Shores provides camping, lodging, boating, and fishing.  Guests can indulge in the Arrowhead Lodge—a secluded setting that includes many spaces for various events.  Oneida Shores provides a perfect place to spend the day or plan a weekend getaway.


Established in 1964, over 340 acres was designated to Oneida Shores Park, found in Onondaga County.  Onondaga County is known for its vast natural resources and land.  Oneida Lake was formed due to glacial melting, that occurred almost 12,500 years ago.

This park’s area is not only rich in its resources, but also rich in culture.  Oneida Lake was named after the Oneidas, one of the Five Nations located in the upstate New York area.  Being one of the smallest, they were named the “Little Brothers of the Mohawk.”  The park was a home for the Oneidas for several generations, until they moved on to other land.  Oneida Shore’s main objective was to create a scene that looked quite similar to what the tribe had experienced 500 years ago: lush land filled with greenery, trees, fishing, and openness.

Contact Information:
Telephone: (315) 451-7275
Fax: (315) 457-3681


The beach on Oneida shores is safe for all ages.  With the safety of lifeguards, the beach provides guarded swimming areas along with a sand area for beach volleyball, a children’s playground and other types of enjoyment.  Inflatables can be rented during beach season.  A bathhouse can be found nearby.

2013 Beach Season:

May 25-June 9: Friday-Sunday (this includes Memorial Day), 11am – 6pm
June 14-August 18: Friday-Sunday (this includes the 4th of July), 11am – 6pm; Monday-Tuesday, 12pm – 6pm
August 24th and 25th: 11am – 6 pm


Camping: Enjoy 50 lake view campsites located at Oneida Shores Park in Brewertown.  The campgrounds have spaces for tents and RV’s, and supply electricity and water.  They come equipped with picnic tables, grills, parking areas, and shower areas.  Free beach passes and boat launch access comes along with the full package.  Oneida Shores wants to remind visitors to stay safe, clean up, and preserve the land.

2013 Operating Days:
April 26 -May 19: Weekends ONLY
May 24-October 14: Daily

Basic Sites (no utilities, tents only): $25/night
Waterfront Sites (no utilities, tents only): $25/night
Electric and Water: $35/night
Dump Station: $4.50/use
*dump station free for registered campers

Boating: Oneida Shores is one of the easiest places to route towards New York State’s largest inland lake.  The park provides many entry ramps for boats of different sizes, along with accessible parking and other nearby services.
*for more information on boating rates, look at the admission section
Fishing: Visitors can enjoy a day of fishing at Muskrat Bay Fishing area, where they can catch surface fish and a variety of different species.


Beach Season:
$4 per vehicle (Monday-Thursday—$2 per vehicle from 12-7pm)
$6 per vehicle (Friday-Sunday + Holidays)
$10.50 per bus
*free before noon for seniors
**non-beach hours are free
Recreational Acitivies:
Boat Launch:
$7.50 per launch, $4 for seniors (Monday-Thursday)
$5 for honor box (October-April)
$5 for personal water-craft launch
$6/half hour for a 1-person kayak
$10/hour for a 2-person kayak ($8/for every half hour added)
$14/hour for kid power paddlers ($3/for every half hour added, $5/for every hour added)
Season Passes:
Boat Launch – $77/trailer
Personal Water Craft – $63 for one, $84 for two, $103 for three or four
Beach Admission – $31.50 per car, $45 per bus
Senior Beach Admission – $21


9400 Bartell Road
Brewerton, NY


Oneida Shores Park. 2013 <>.

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