The Ice Museum

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

The Ice Museum at DestinyUSA is a facility that displays a variety of ice sculptures that will leave you in awe with their elegance, detail and beauty. The ice sculptures were created by Stan Koloco of Auburn, NY. Koloco is an expert in ice sculpting, as he is the owner of The Ice Farm and has won a variety of awards for his craft.

The Ice Museum at Destiny USA not only provide patrons with the unique spectacle of ice, but also gives them an experience of lights and sound. In fact, The Ice Museum is so unique that there is only one other of its kind in the United States, located all the way in Aurora, Alaska.

In addition to the sight and sound experience, The Ice Museum also has an all-ice bar. This all-ice bar has a variety of drinks and cocktails, some that are even served in an all-ice cup! So visit the Ice Museum in DestinyUSA, for a unique experience and a chance to relax!

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