Aja (pronounced “asia”) is a premiere nightclub in DestinyUSA! Aja is currently based in Tampa, Fla. where it caters to upscale dining, drinks and nightlife. Its expansion in DestinyUSA is approximately 9,000-square and modeled after the scene in Tampa.

Aja’s sleek, modern and clean design will resonate with a variety of people including both young and business crowds. The nightclub will offer lunch and dinner during the day and during late night hours Aja will serve appetizers and drinks. The club will stay open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Besides cocktails and food, Aja also provides the perfect setting for relaxing, unwinding and hanging out with friends and coworkers. Throughout the club there will be community spaces and VIP lounges where guests can interact. Also, Aja will have live music performances so guests can dance the night away.


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