5 Wits

A shipwreck like one explored in a 5 Wits adventure! Photo Credit: JustMeJulie

5 wits is a hands on adventure that will fully immerse the explorer into a different world where he/she will have to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover new things. Though the adventures are not physically demanding nor frightening, the experiences do force the explorer to put their 5 wits (imagination, estimation, fantasy, common sense and memory) to the test. DestinyUSA offers both of the 5 Wits adventures: Espionage and 20,000 Leagues.

Espionage is a journey where the fate of the world rests in the explorers’ hands. Explorers are put head to head with the CABAL Corporation by breaking into their headquarters and destroying leaked information that could threaten the freedom of mankind! In this journey, explorers must solve puzzles and overcome challenges by decoding safes, defusing bombs and overcoming physical obstacles. The experience will seem real with the special effects.

20,000 Leagues takes explorers under the sea and into Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, a lost Victorian submarine. While under the sea, explorers try to uncover the mystery about what happened to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus. To figure this out, explorers fix ancient submarine engines, attempt to complete Nemo’s last experiment and take on sea creature from down under!

Ages 13 and older: $18
Children under 12: $14$18 per person aged 13 and older.
To purchase tickets, explorers can call (506) 698-1600 or visit .


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