Komachi is a Japanese Restaurant located off of South Crouse Street in the alleyway behind Marshall Street. Komachi will deliver to anywhere in the university area for a $2 charge and there is no order minimum. They operate from five to nine pm every night. Komachi offers a variety of different Japanese and Korean foods, though they are more expensive than Japanese alternatives, such as Oishi Sushi and Bleu Monkey.This is the only Korean Restaurant in the area that delivers.

Photo by Alex Rouse

Restaurant Key Info

  • Price: $$$$ (out of 5) Huge variety of Sushi from $4-$13.
  • Wide variety of Japanese noodle, don, katsu, and teriyaki dishes as well as Korean favorites
  • Lots of combo meals.


Komachi serves primarily Japanese food but also has a good variety of Korean dishes. Their menu starts off with a list of appetizers that vary from steamed shrimp dumplings to sashimi, which is a sushi dish. These appetizers run from about $4 up to $10 which isn’t bad for the amount of food you get. Their food selection then goes to a list of full meal items that include some kind of meat either deep fried or broiled in a teriyaki sauce and rice, salad, and a type of soup. These items are a bit more expensive and range from $10.99 up to $17.99. Next the menu moves to a noodle section where you can choose from different noodle dishes for  about $10 including yaki udon, yakisoba, soups.
Finally we can move on to the sushi. A good portion of the menu consists of sushi related items and can vary from an entire meal based around a California roll to ordering two individual pieces of sushi. There are 37 different types of a la carte rolls that you can order as well as 10 individual a la carte items that you can choose from. The rolls go from expensive as $15.99 for a Power Roll which consists of lobster California roll on the outside and eel on the inside. The cheapest rolls are for $3.99 and range from a tuna roll to a vegetable roll.
The entire backside of the menu consists of lunch specials either in a box, or straight from the sushi bar. The box specials consist of a variety of different items packaged together in a box, usually consisting of rice with some kind of sushi roll, and possibly a meat with some Japanese sauce on it. These run from $7.99 to $12.99.

727 S. Crouse Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315-476-2400

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