Watson Hall

Watson Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University main campus. It is located at 405 University Place and was built in 1954.[1]. Watson Hall is one of Syracuse’s most desirable dorms because it is practically on the quad and because there are suites and townhouses available. The Facebook page for Watson Hall can be found at . Almost every bus route that stops on Syracuse University Campus passes Watson Hall. This is because it is where University Avenue and College Place intersect. The principal bus hub for Syracuse University is located on College Place.

Watson Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Watson Hall is one of Syracuse University’s most popular main campus dormitories because of its proximity to campus. It is across from Ernie Davis Hall about two minutes from the quad.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Watson Hall houses 448 residents on six floors. The rooms are coed by alternating rooms. The ground floor has six open doubles, one 4-person suite, two offices, one bathroom and a laundry facility. Watson Hall also has a campus grocery store named Food Works and the Watson Theater on the ground floor. Food Works offers grocery items as well as fresh fruit. The Watson Theater is a classroom and is used for large lecture classes.

In 1999 the Robert B. Menschel Media Center was built as an addition to Watson hall and named after the SU alumni and university trustee who donated to the project. This facility houses Light Work, community darkrooms, multimedia displays, a digital imaging lab, a computer lab, is the home of CitrusTV, and two student run radio stations (WERW AM 1570 and WJPZ FM 89).

The first floor has a main desk and mailboxes as well as dorm rooms. There are six two-person suites, one six-person suite, 13 four-person suites, two open doubles, two singles, two rooms for RAs, one four-person suite with bath, one two-person suite with bath, two staff rooms, and four bathrooms. The second floor has five two-person suites, 16 four person suites, five open doubles, four singles, three rooms for RAs, one six-person suite, one four-person suite, two three-person suites, a staff room and four bathrooms.

The third floor has four two-person suites, 14 four-person suites, six open doubles, four singles, three rooms for RAs, one three-person suite, four bathrooms and a lounge area. The fourth floor has four two-person suites, 23 four-person suites, five open doubles, three singles, three three-person suites, three rooms for RAs and five bathrooms. The fourth floor also has two-level townhouses available. There are eight four-person suites and two three-person suites.

Because Watson Hall offers suites and townhouses, it is one the most popular dormitories. Watson Hall’s residents are usually upperclassmen and the dormitory is filled up quickly in the rooming selection process.[2].

Dining Options

Residents of Watson Hall typically eat at Ernie Davis Dining Hall, which is across the street. They are also close to Kimmel Food Court and the Schine Student Center, which similarly to Kimmel Food Court offers food from Sbarro pizza and has a sandwich section. There is also a salad bar, a Dunkin Donuts, and hot food such as French fries, hamburgers, and chicken at the Schine Student Center.


Watson Hall contains:

• Main Lounge

• Study Space

• Laundry Facility

• Food Works campus grocery

• Watson Theater



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