Walnut Hall

Walnut Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University main campus. It is located at 809 Walnut Ave. [1]. Walnut Hall is more apartment-style than typical dorms on campus. For example, there is a foyer and kitchen space. Walnut Hall shares a Facebook page with Haven and Washington Arms, which can be found at . Walnut Hall is located within walking distance of the Quad Shuttle route, which can be found at http://centro.org/Syracuse-University-Service.aspx.

Walnut Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Walnut Hall is located next to Haven Hall and about two blocks behind Bird Library. It is to the left of the Whitman School of Management Building and is desirable for Whitman students who spend most of their time in that part of campus. It is about 10 minutes away from the quad.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Walnut Hall houses 47 residents on four floors. It is coed by alternating rooms. Floor one has five regular open doubles, one regular single, one staff apartment, a foyer and three bathrooms. There is also a main desk and mail boxes. Floors two and three has four regular open doubles, four large open doubles, one large single, and one room for the RA. Floor four has four large open doubles, and four bathrooms. The building also has a study lounge, a meeting space, a kitchen and a dining room open to its residents.[2].

Dining Options

The closest Dining Hall to Walnut Hall is located in Ernie Davis Dining Hall, which is within a couple of minutes walking distance. Residents can also choose to eat on Marshall Street, which is within two blocks.


Walnut Hall contains:

• Study Lounge

• Meeting Space

• Kitchen

• Dining Room

• Foyer


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