Tennity Ice Pavilion

Tennity Ice Pavilion. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.

Tennity Ice Pavilion is a recreational skating facility that is open to all students, faculty, and staff and is located on South Campus. Tennity holds two ice surfaces; one regulation size rink and one smaller circular ice sheet. When the rink is open, one of the two ice surfaces will always be available for open skate. Tennity also has a “pro shop,” skate rentals, and skate sharpening is available.

Hours of operation:
Tennity Ice Pavilion’s hours can be found on its home page at

Learn to Skate Programs

Tennity ice pavilion offers several learn to skate programs such as Kool Kats, PED classes, private lessons, and hockey schools. Kool Kats have kids in groups no larger than six to a group. Kool Kats is open to the public, ages 3-11, with little or no skating experience Each lesson has 30 minutes of instruction, followed by 15 minutes of fun. Other classes including several levels of  three to five year olds lessons, kids beginner classes for six and older, adult beginner classes, freestyle classes and hokey skills. Classes at Tennity Ice Pavilion use the guidelines of the Ice Skating Institute for lessons and testing.  More information on these programs can be found at . Classes for SU students are also organized each semester by the Department of Recreation Service as part of their program.

Skate Until Midnight

Skate until midnight is every Friday and Saturday from 9-12 pm. Skate untill midnight offers an inexpensive date for Syracuse students. The lighting is changed within the rink to a dimmer lighting with fun music. Often at skate until midnight you will see many young couples. Remember it is a cold rink so dress warm.


Syracuse Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey Team

The Syracuse University Women’s Ice Hockey Team was founded in 2008.  When the team was founded the head coach was Paul Flanagan, with assistant coaches Erin O’brien and Graham Thomas. As of 2013 Paul Flanagan was still the head coach with Brendon Knight and Alison Domenico as assistant coaches. The Original Orange, as the ladies are often called, is the only varsity ice hockey team on campus. Currently there is no men’s varsity team. In the first season the orange performed better than expected, but still did not break 500. A link to the Oranges schedule and team website is found at

Men’s and Women’s Club Ice Hockey Teams

The Syracuse University’s Men’s Club Hockey Team is our only men’s ice hockey team at SU. They compete in the Eastern Collegiate Hockey League and the American Collegiate Hockey Association.

The Syracuse University’s Women’s Club Hockey Team is associated with USA hockey and also performs games both home and away within the Northeast. The SU hockey web page can be found at

Figure Skating Club

The synchronized skating club competes in the collegiate division. There are around 20 girls on the team. Tryouts for the team are held in the fall of each academic year. In the 2005-2006 seasons the Figure skating club received a silver medal in the Eastern sectional championship. That was the most current time they the figure skating club has placed high enough to receive a medal. The synchronized skating club was started in 1997 for girls to skate into their college careers.

Intramural Hockey

A non-check intramural hockey league is hosted at Tennity Ice Pavilion. The registration fee is $100, and full equipment is required. Further information on the league can be found at



The donors of this beautiful Ice Pavilion are Bill and Marilyn Tennity. Marilyn Smith Swift Tennity is a graduate of the Syracuse University class of 1942 and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Philanthropists Marilyn and Bill Tennity generously donated this ice skating pavilion for the enjoyment of the Syracuse University community. This gift honors the families of George D. and Bessie Smith and Dr. Albert G. and Viola Swift.


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