Haven Hall

Haven Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University main campus. It is located at 400 Comstock Avenue and was built in 1964. [1]. Haven Hall is on the Quad Shuttle route and the schedule can be found at . Haven Hall shares a Facebook page with Walnut Hall and Washington Arms that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/H2WatSU.

Haven Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Haven Hall is located about two blocks away from the Whitman School of Management and is about a 10-15 minute walk from the quad.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Haven Hall houses 372 residents on eleven floors. Floors one through three are coed by floor and floors four through 11 are coed by alternating room. Haven Hall has a main lounge, a main desk and mailboxes, a laundry facility, a conference room, and a penthouse meeting room. Each floor has a large room with a TV and microwave.

The first floor has one staff apartment, one staff room, seven singles, one bathroom and a large lounge. The second floor has the Haven Dining Center as well as two staff rooms, eleven singles, one two-person suite, one open double, a study room, one bathroom, and a lounge. The third floor has one single with bath, two two-person suites, one open double and 10 singles. There is also a lounge, a study room, and one bathroom.

Floors four through 11 has ten singles, 12 split-doubles, one one-person suite, one two-person suite, one four-person suite, one room for the RA, two bathrooms and a lounge area on each respective floor.

Haven Hall has more single-rooms than any other dormitory. Residents who want to live alone in a single will more than likely live in Haven Hall. [2].

Dining Options

Haven Hall once had a dining center that had similar food to Ernie Davis. After Ernie Davis was built with a dining hall in fall of 2009, Haven Dining’s already low usage had become even lower. Haven Hall dining was eventually closed because of this. The has been discussion by Student Association and Office of Resident Life about wanting to make Haven’s empty dining space into a community space or to find a creative use for it. As of 2013 there are no plans to renovate this space.

The main dining option for Haven Hall residents is now Ernie Davis dining. Residents are also about five minutes away from Kimmel Dining, which differs from the buffet style of Dining Halls. Rather than using a meal plan, students pay for individual food items with cash, debit, credit, or SUper Card money. Food offered at Kimmel Dining include Sbarro pizza, KFC, Burger King, sandwiches, ice cream and grocery items such as soda and chips.


Haven Hall contains:

• Lounge Area with TV and Microwave on each floor

• Laundry Facility

• Conference Room

• Penthouse Meeting Room


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