Day Hall

Day Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University Campus. It is located at 1 Mount Olympus Drive and was built in 1958. [1]. Day Hall’s Facebook can be found at . Day Hall is on the East Campus bus route, which can be found at .

Day Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Day Hall is located to the left of the Women’s Building in an area known as Mount Olympus. The nickname comes from its street address mainly (located on Mount Olympics Drive), but it’s also called this because the dormitory is located at the top of a very high hill. One of the biggest critiques of living in this dorm is the steps up and down to go to and from campus. However, once off the steps, the resident is basically on the Syracuse campus. Day Hall is about five minutes away from the quad (walking down – walking up takes a bit longer). Residents have said that they get used to the steps, but it is definitely a reason why many students chose not to live in Day Hall or in its neighbor hall, Flint Hall.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Day Hall houses 607 residents on eight floors. The rooms are coed by alternating rooms. The first floor has a large classroom, a Hall council, a main desk with mail boxes, a large recreational lounge, a staff lounge, two doubles with bath, and four singles with bath. There is also a laundry facility and a large study room. [2].

Floors two through eight has 32 open doubles, two rooms for RAs, seven split doubles, one open quad, two singles, and three bathrooms. There is also a lounge and three elevators. The lounge is quite large and has couches and a TV. The different variety of rooms in Day Hall makes it more popular than its neighbor dormitory, Flint Hall.

Dining Options

The closest Dining option for Day Hall residents is Graham Dining Hall, which is only attached to Day and Flint Hall through an underground hallway. Residents also share a Bookstore branch, a computer cluster, and a snack bar in the underground.


Day Hall contains:

• Bookstore branch

• Computer Cluster

• Snack Bar

• Classrooms

• Study Area


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