Butterfield Hall

Butterfield House Hall is a dormitory on Syracuse University’s campus. It is located at 709 Comstock Ave. and is the only all-female dormitory at Syracuse University. [1]

Butterfield House Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.


Butterfield House Hall is located between Phi Kappa Psi and Theta Chi. It about five minutes away from the quad. Its street is also home to several Syracuse University fraternities and sororities. Butterfield House Hall is unique because its residents are all females – it is the only all-female facility on the Syracuse University campus.[2]

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Butterfield House Hall has 36 female residents on two floors. Floor one has two two-person suites with a bathroom, one room for the RA, two singles, and one open-triple with a bathroom.

Floor two has nine open doubles, three open-triples, one room for the RA, and one bathroom. Because there are only two floors, there is no elevator. Residents’ mailboxes are located in Dellplain Hall, which is located within a block of the dormitory.

There is also a main lounge/gathering space and a laundry facility on the first floor.[3]

Dining Options

The closest Dining Hall to Butterfield House Hall is Ernie Davis Dining, which opened in fall 2009. Before that, most residents ate at Shaw Dining, which is also very close by. Residents also have dining options at Kimmel Dining and Schine Dining because of its proximity to the quad.


Butterfield House Hall contains:

• A Laundry Facility

• Main Lounge/Gathering Space


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