Boland – Brewster – Brockway Hall

Boland, Brewster, and Brockway Hall are dormitories on the Syracuse University campus. They are located at 401 Van Buren St. They are three separate dormitories, but within the same complex, so they are often associated with one another. The dormitories were built in 1966.[1] The building in this complex holds a total of 788 students on 21 floors. All floors are coed by alternating rooms, but are single gender in each room. The room types include singles, split doubles, open doubles, triples, and four person suites. The BBB Facebook page is located at The BBB complex is on both the Quad Shuttle and Connective Corridor bus routes, which can be found at

Boland, Brewster, and Brockway Hall. Photo Credit: Syracuse University. Creative Commons License.

Boland, Brewster, and Brockway Hall are three dormitories within minutes of each other. It is often called BBB and is the farthest dormitory complex from the quad – the walk is about 20 minutes. The biggest downside of living in BBB is the distance, especially during the winter season.

Floor Plan and Room Set-Up

Boland Hall has 315 residents, Brewster Hall has 444 residents and Brockway Hall has 27 residents – the least of all of the dormitories. Brockway Hall only has one floor of dorm rooms, but it is essential to the residents of BBB because it contains a Dining Hall, a large study area, a computer cluster, an academic and activities center. The complex also includes a food court, a laundry room, a small fitness center, and a recreational space, all of which is open to the BBB residents.

Boland Hall has nine floors with eight devoted to rooming. The main floor consists of the main desk and mailboxes. The floors are coed by alternating rooms and have two bathrooms – one for females and one for males, which are next to each other. There is one room for the RA, three singles, and 16 split doubles. There is also a lounge area with a TV and couches. Boland Hall has two elevators and three sets of stairs.

Brewster Hall has 13 floors with 12 for rooming. There is only one elevator in Brewster Hall, but the wait is usually not too long. The main floor consists of the main desk and mailboxes. Brewster Hall is also coed by alternating rooms and has a lounge area, except for the seventh, eighth, ninth, 11th, and 12th floor. On floors one through six and 10, there is one room for the RA, one single, eight split doubles, and two four-person suites. The lounge areas on floors seven through nine and 11-12 do not have a lounge area, because those rooms have been converted to triples to accommodate admissions overflow.

Brockway Hall, which only has one floor for rooms, is also coed by alternating rooms. The floor consists of one room for the RA, two singles, and 12 open doubles. [2].

Dining Options

The closest Dining Hall to residents of BBB is Brockway Hall’s Dining Hall. The Brockway Dining Hall is described as one of the best dining halls on the Syracuse Campus. Hours for the dinning hall can be found at


BBB contains:

• Dining Hall

• Computer Cluster

• Laundry Room

• Small Fitness Center

• Academic and Activities Center


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